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For Women Ready For a Change...

For professional women who are driven to succeed both personally and professionally 

but whose life is out of balance because of that drive...

If any of these ring true with you, you can benefit from coaching by Jan:

• Why can’t I fix this?  My life seems like the movie “Ground-Hog Day”!

• There’s not enough of me to do everything that needs to get done!

• There must be more to life – where and what is it?

• I’m happy but need help evaluating my personal, professional and life portfolio.

• I’m not sure – let me see if a coach can help me think through a few things

• I’m ready to go to the next level – with myself, my career and/or my family!


Together, we will evaluate your assets and liabilities and design a solution to get you back into a Balanced life that is less stressful, more Joyful, more Fulfilling and, yes! more Peaceful.

Work/Life Balance: 

Do you find it a challenge to manage both your family and career? Are you expected to leave personal matters “at the door” when you get to work and vice versa? What takes priority, your family or work? How often does taking care of yourself take a back seat? Is it time to re-evaluate and reset your priorities?

Health, Fitness & Well-Being 

Is your physical fitness suffering from a lack of consistent effort? Do you have goals set to improve your well-being but feel like you aren’t making the progress you had hoped?

Has a diagnosis (for you or a loved one) suddenly put you on a detour from the course you had planned for your life? Are you trying to figure out how this new path can be navigated & still get you to fulfilled dreams and goals?

Interpersonal Relationships:

You are great at what you do, yet something seems to be missing. Do you feel a void in your relationships? How would better communication skills improve your personal and/or professional life? How would it feel to know you have support in any situation or environment?

Peace and Joy:

Is your typical day filled with peace and joy or frustration and turmoil? Do you tend to focus on the negative or the positive? Are the thoughts that play over & over in your mind moving you forward or holding you back? Do you wonder what happened to the fun & carefree person you used to be? Would you like to have more peace, joy, fun and energy back in your life?

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Words From A Client

The most important reason for me to work with Jan was to have an objective sounding board when making a major life decision. Having someone to help break down the issue helped me keep unrealistic fears out of the picture. Sometimes the “big picture” is too overwhelming to get your arms around and having assistance to “break it down” makes it less paralyzing. Having Jan, who could guide me through the process, allowed me to process, let go of some baggage and begin the life that I always dreamed of having.       

Donna, Honolulu, HI

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