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"Throughout the coaching relationship, Jan took the time to understand where I was at in life as well as in my marriage. During shared sessions with my wife, Jan provided encouragement & support to address my issues and new ideas to get past conversational sticking points. During one-on-one sessions, Jan provided a safe space to explore my role in my marriage, confront my thought habits, and challenged me to try new ways of interacting with my wife. Jan helped both me personally as well as my marriage during a difficult time by helping me define growth steps consistent with a healthy relationship and God's plan for my life."

Gene, San Antonio, TX

"I've had the privilege of knowing Jan for over 45 years. She doesn't do anything without total devotion, and those qualities are what makes her the perfect Personal Coach. If you're looking for a true professional who can listen in earnest, picture your vision, help you think outside the box and give you reasonable guidelines for a more harmonious outcome....she is the one!" 

Jackie, Austin, TX

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"Jan has a unique sense of compassion and immense spirituality. Caring for others comes natural to her. Having her coach me around one of my retirement goals brought me clarity and focus. I know where I'm going. I highly recommend Jan as a coach!"

Vivian, San Mateo, CA

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"Jan is very upbeat and encouraging. She is easy to talk with and very competent to work through challenges. She is inspiring and practical with all her suggestions." 

Fern, Kailua, HI

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"Jan was a Godsend when we needed it most! Our sessions helped me process my anger and grief which were needed for my healing. Jan was always flexible with our sessions and would always find time for us when a crisis arose. "

JoAnne, San Antonio, TX

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