The Process:  Investing in Your greatest asset -- YOU

New clients often expect that they are enrolling in a “program”, but you are not. You are your greatest asset. Your time and money are valuable, and a cookie cutter coaching program would be a bad investment of both. Because your path in life is unique, the process we follow will be uniquely designed for your personal growth. Together, we’ll help you discover how to:

  • Leverage your Natural Resources (time, personality, passion and energy) to accomplish your vision and purpose.
  • Determine the Right Investment Vehicles (i.e., education, associations, relationships and information sources) that focus on short-term return on investment and long-term growth & stability.
  • Create and Fund a “You-nique Health Savings Account” that focuses on mental, physical and/or spiritual aspects – resources for when you’ll need to make withdrawals without impacting your prosperity or passion.
  • Evaluate Information Sources (both internal and external): Understand which of the “twitter feeds” you follow need to have the volume turned up, which ones need to be turned down or off, and others which need to be added.

Coaching is not about me giving you directions to follow...

It is about the two of us taking a journey together and exploring what opportunities are available to you. It is about asking God to work with us to discover His purpose and plan for you. As your partner on this journey, my role is to shine light in the shadows and help uncover hidden gems within and around you.

Coaching is not about digging up what hasn't worked so far...

It is about opening the door to reveal strengths you have hidden inside that you can use to move yourself forward. It’s about learning new skills for personal growth to bring your life into a harmonious balance.

Remember: “Thoughts are Things – And You WILL Attract Your Dominating Thoughts” ~Napoleon Hill

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